Two of the most popular types of exercise equipment these days are the ellipticals and the treadmills and the manufacturers and fitness experts are quite vocal about calling attention to the benefits of each type of machine.

But, sometimes all this information, advertising, and claims can make choosing between the treadmill vs elliptical difficult and even confusing. Both types of machines are commonly in use in fitness centers and there are also a variety of models of both available for use in the home.

When comparing treadmills to ellipticals, you will find that treadmill equipment has been on the market for decades and is therefore more widely known, is more commonplace, and also currently has a larger following of users.

Elliptical Equipment Exercise Is Becoming The Favorite Of Many People

But, this could change soon because elliptical equipment exercise is quickly becoming the favorite of many people and many are either adding an elliptical trainer to their selection of exercise equipment, or they are replacing their treadmill in favor of an elliptical.

Because of this shift in the fitness world, it would be advisable to take time to do some research and delve into additional information in order to do a comprehensive evaluation of the treadmill vs elliptical question.

Everyone has different goals for their fitness workouts, so the results of the evaluation will also depend on what you want to accomplish through your fitness machines exercise routine.

Impact Free Elliptical Fitness Trainers

One of the first things that people learn when they compare products is that a workout on an elliptical fitness trainer is virtually impact-free. Because of the fact that your feet stay in contact at all times with the large foot pedals of an elliptical machine, there is no jarring impact against a solid surface as there is when your feet strike the deck of a treadmill. This means that all of the joints in your lower body, from ankle to hips, are relieved from the jolts and stresses that come with a workout on treadmill equipment.

Even though the cushioning that is provided through the belt and deck of a treadmill is much easier on your joints than walking on cement or asphalt, there is still a great deal of wear and impact on your knees, hips, ankles and the structure of your foot. The impact is even greater for joggers and runners. Over time, this stressful impact can cause numerous problems and possible injury.

Treadmills Are Better For Runners And Joggers

However, when comparing the treadmills and ellipticals, it needs to be pointed out that the treadmill machines exercise does provide for better training for runners and joggers than with an elliptical. For people who are training to run a marathon, but cannot train outside during some months of the year, a treadmill is a better choice for obvious reasons.

When it comes to comparing the efficiency of cardiovascular workouts, the elliptical machines exercise delivers a better, more effective overall cardio workout than treadmill equipment does. With a good quality crossover elliptical trainer, you will have dual action handlebars that work your arms at the same time that your legs are working. A treadmill only focuses on working your lower body through the actions of walking, jogging or running.

The Elliptical Equipment Exercise Has Better Calorie Burning Effectiveness

People also want to know how calorie burning effectiveness compares with a treadmill vs elliptical. Once again, the elliptical wins in this regard. During an elliptical equipment exercise, the muscles of both the upper body and the lower body are engaged and working at the same time, resulting in more calories being eaten up.

So, even though the impression is that you are putting out less effort during an elliptical workout, because there is virtually no impact on your body, the exercise is still very effective for burning calories and fat.

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If you have to choose one piece of exercise equipment you may want to consider an elliptical machine. Elliptical machines can be that one piece of equipment that can take the place of a treadmill, stair climber and a stationary bike. Everyone needs to get exercise. The body and mind function much better when they are healthy. Plus there is the added bonus of losing any excess weight and tightening the muscles. With so many people being overweight, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle.